SharpCrafters is a software company that builds apps for developers. Their flagship product is PostSharp (an aspect-oriented framework for .NET). I helped with redesigning their website and several other design work when needed.

Created with Atomic Duo.

"After maddening experiences with an international design company and toying with the idea of outsourcing our website design to freelancers in India, we finally turned to Atomic Duo for assistance. Our initial concerns about being a deep technology client at a small local shop were immediately alleviated, as Kristy and her team saw the process through every step of the way.  But the real payoff from hiring a designer of Kristy’s caliber is the quality of the work she does.  We’ve already seen impressive results from our SEO campaign, and a complete redesign of our company website was executed quickly and expertly. Atomic Duo fixed several problems that others could not, and made significant improvements. Best of all, a number of our current and prospective customers have also commented how much they like the design. It’s very reassuring to know that we finally have a top-notch designer behind our online strategy. Atomic Duo are one of our favorite vendors, and we recommend them exclusively to our customers and partners."    

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Variations of the PostSharp logo

PostSharp homepage.

Sample subpage - Purchase